A pilot letter of recommendation is often required while applying for a pilot job position. Companies and employers often ask for a reference letter in order to keep a check on the individual’s characteristics, qualification, skills, abilities, etc. The pilot job is no exception, companies may require a letter of recommendation for pilot candidates. Such letters may come from personal or professional references who knows the applicant well and can actually vouch for him or her. Writing such a letter is a huge responsibility as well because a good letter can strengthen the job application while a weakly written letter may hamper it.

If someone has asked you to write a pilot letter of recommendation then below we have a sample letter for your reference. Check out the template below and download it in an editable format for your use.

Pilot Letter of Recommendation Sample


Dear {Name},

I am writing this letter to provide my recommendation for {Pilot’s name} as a pilot for {company}. I have worked with {name} as a copilot for {number of years} on several flights for at {company/organization}. Throughout that time, {he/she} has shown exceptional pilot skills, highly professionalism, and resourcefulness in preventing potential flight issues.

{Name} has outstanding flying abilities, strong knowledge of aviation procedures, and a calm mind to tackle challenging situations. {He/she} has a wide range of flying experience for various purposes like defense, emergency or rescue missions. {His/her} ability to remain calm under challenges and make strong, quick, and informed decisions during stress situations is highly commendable.

I believe {Name} would be a great addition to {company}, therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend {Pilot’s Name} for this pilot position. {His/her} outstanding pilot skills, professionalism, dedication, and decision making skills makes {him/her} an outstanding candidate. I’m confident that {Name} will be a valuable asset to any organization and will excel in any aviation role.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at {Email/Phone number} if you require any further information or have any specific questions.


{Your Name}
{Your Title/Occupation}
{Your Organization}

Download Recommendation Letter for Pilot Sample

Why is a Pilot Letter of Recommendation Important?

A pilot letter of recommendation demonstrate a candidate’s flying abilities, aviation skills, and strengthen the job application. A reference letter from an influential person can actually change the whole game and has the ability to influence the decision of an employer. A well written recommendation letter is often beneficial for a candidate.

  • a recommendation letter gives an idea about the candidate personality, skills, character, etc.
  • a reference letter is extremely useful while applying for a job or admission
  • a job application is incomplete without a reference letter, therefore, make sure to get one.

A recommendation letter is written on behalf of someone else. The purpose of writing a letter of recommendation is to highlight the person’s qualities, skills, and abilities, and let an employer know how a person is suitable for a job or admission. A letter of recommendation is about reinforcing a positive narrative.


Now you have a pilot letter of recommendation. Use a sample letter from here and make your own recommendation letter that highlights the individual’s positive traits, work ethics and capabilities. A letter of recommendation from a senior, trusted professional, coworker, etc is more credible. Make your reference letter more effective and meaningful by using the sample letters and templates shared on this page.