A recommendation letter for employee from manager is often required specially while applying for a job or admission. Here, we are covering recommendation letter for employee from manager sample and example. As a manager in a company, your employee or team member may ask you to write a reference letter. An employee require a recommendation letter while applying for a new job, visa process, or for some other purpose. As an employer or manager, you are required to write this letter for your employee. Writing such letters does consume time and efforts, that’s why the sample letters are shared here in an editable format. Use a sample letter to make your own recommendation letter in minutes.

What to include in a recommendation letter?

If you’ve held the managerial position for a long time then an employee must have asked you to write a letter of recommendation. At a manger level, you should know how to write such letters because one or other employee will surely ask to compose such a letter. As an employer or manager, you have the choice whether to write this letter or not. If an employee is hard working, disciplined, committed to work, and performs tasks diligently then you should compose a reference letter for him.

Below you can see some of the information that can be included in such a reference letter;

  • mention the job position of an employee
  • for how long an employee is working for your company
  • highlight the skills, qualifications, and abilities of an employee that makes him a good candidate
  • mention your reason for writing this letter
  • make sure to add your contact details in case recipient wants to get in touch with you

Check out the sample letter and example below to get a template of writing such letter. You can make the changes in a sample letter and add your own details to make a reference letter easily without any errors or mistakes.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to highly recommend (employee’s name) who has worked as (job position) at (company’s name) for a (number of years). During his duration of employment, he was responsible for (key job responsibilities). I was (employee’s name) manager and he was directly reporting to me, so I can attest to his professional skills, dedication, and strong work ethics.

(Employee’s name) has consistently demonstrated a high level of expertise and worked hard to ensure the success of projects and initiatives. He has demonstrated excellent communication skills, great with team members, remained calm even during high pressure situations. He is one of the most reliable and responsible employee at (company’s name).

As far as professional achievements are concerned, he earned “Employee of the Month” award for numerous times. I can say with absolute certainty that (Employee’s name) is a valuable employee to have and I am confident he will continue to excel in any company he is a part of.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend (Employee’s Name) without reservation. Please feel free to contact me at (email/phone number) if you need more information.


(Your Name)
(Your Position)
(Company Name)

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Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager

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A letter of recommendation is one of the most valuable tool for an employee that strengthen his or her application because it showcase the candidate’s strength, qualification, character, professional achievements, etc that allows potential employer to make an informed decision. A well written reference letter from an employer, team leader, or manger holds weightage.

As a manager, you may get asked to write such letters quite often and that’s why you should have a sample letter with you. Writing a recommendation letter for employee is a matter of few minutes once you have a sample letter template with you. Check out the letter of recommendation for employee from manager sample template from here and download it in an editable format for your use.