In the Boy Scouts of America (BSOA), Eagle Scout status is the highest achievement. It is the dream of children to achieve the Eagle Scout status but only few are able to achieve it. There is a complete process that is out there for the Boy Scouting program which is needed to be followed. On this post, we are covering the Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation samples and examples.

Achieving Eagle Scout’s rank is not easy, one has to do the hard work and be dedicated enough to achieve this status. The Eagle Scout is the highest rank that displays high leadership qualities. In order to become an Eagle Scout, you have to collect multiple references. You are required to get references from the following;

1. A parent/guardian
2. A pastor or individual involved in your religion.
3. A teacher or individual involved in your education.
4. An employer (if any)
5. A reference of your choosing #1
6. A reference of your choosing #2

This recommendation letter is valuable, therefore, you should only ask the people who knows you and can write a good letter for you. As a writer, you should always write a good reference letter in order to help an individual become an Eagle Scout.

Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation from Parents

Eagle Scout Board of Review,

As a parent, we’re happy to write this letter in support of our son {Scout’s Name} who aspires to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. We have seen {Scout’s Name} grow and develop over the years. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership, dedication, and perseverance throughout his journey in the Boy Scouts of America.

Since he joined the Scouts, he has been enthusiastic about learning new things, organize charity events, and help others. He has demonstrated great leadership skills and willingness to take up new challenges in life. As a parent, nothing make us more happy that seeing him doing great for himself and others.

Recently, he came up with an idea of organizing a charity event for the stray dogs. He and his friends organized the event on their own and raised a significant amount of money. We are extremely proud that how he respects the scout code and tries to be better every day.

As his parents, we would like to recommend our son {Scout’s Name} for this Eagle Scout rank as we believe in him and his desire to help others.

Best regards,

{Your Names}

What is an Eagle Scout?

As mentioned above, Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Scouts BSA program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). There is a lengthy review process after which one get an Eagle Scout rank. Getting this rank or status is a matter of pride for an individual and family. This is why individual work hards and give their best for it.

Getting references is a part of the Eagle Scout review process and that’s why here we have shared the sample letters and examples that will assist a writer in writing a good reference letter. Writing such letter is always tricky, therefore, it’s better to take an assistance from the sample letter or example.

Who Should Write This Letter

Following are the people who can write down this reference letter for you,

  • Parents
  • Teachers or school counselors
  • Religious figure
  • Employer (if any)
  • Two more additional authors of your choice

Make sure to choose a person who knows you well, your qualities, your hobbies, understand your passion for this rank. A person who knows you properly will be able to write a detailed piece of reference. All of your references must confirm your compliance with the Scout Oath and the Scout Law principles.

As far as “Two more additional authors of your choice”, you can even ask your friends or relatives to write down a letter for you because there is no requirement that the author of the letter must be of 21 years.

Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter Sample from a Teacher

Eagle Scout Board of Review,

It’s my pleasure to write this letter for my student {Scout’s Name}, who is applying for the rank of Eagle Scout. {Scout’s Name} has been my student for {number of years} in the {name of school}. He has been a bright student academically, always ready to take up new challenges, his hunger for learning has impressed me a lot. Over the years, I have seen him showing his leadership qualities at many school’s sports events.

In my experience, {Scout’s Name} has consistently demonstrated a high degree of personal responsibility and integrity. His dedication to the studies and involvement in extracurricular activities, including scouting, is a testament to his commitment to personal growth and development.

Apart from that, {Scout’s Name} have always volunteered for social and charity events. Recently, he and his friends organized a charity event for flood victims, raised a significant amount of money. It makes me proud to see him doing such good work at this age and making a good impact in the society.

I have no doubt that he will continue to excel in all of his endeavors, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for the rank of Eagle Scout. {Scout’s Name} commitment to excellence, integrity, and leadership make him an ideal candidate for this prestigious honor.

Best regards,

{Your Name}

Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation Template

Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation Template


Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation Example


More Information

It’s a matter of pride for an individual and his family to get an Eagle Scout Status or Rank. Only hardworking, dedicated, dependable, trustworthy and ethical individuals are able to achieve this rank. Having an Eagle Scouts status makes a good impact on the individual’s personal and professional life.

Through this page, we’ve provided Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation Samples and Examples. Download any of the sample letter to make your own reference letter. Making a reference letter is pretty easy once you have a sample letter or example with you. Feel free to download and use any of the template from here.