A teacher requires a letter of recommendation from a parent to strength his or her teaching job application. As a parent, you know exactly how good a teacher is and how well he taught your child. This is why a letter of recommendation for teacher from parent is highly valuable. On this page, we have shared sample letters and examples, if you are looking to write a recommendation letter then do check out the sample letter for reference.

We have shared the editable sample letter in .doc format. That means, you can make changes in it, add your own details, and your recommendation letter is ready. The utilization of sample letters has made the process of letter writing a lot easier and more fluent.

How to Write a Teacher Letter of Recommendation from a Parent?

As a parent, if you have decided to write Teacher Letter of Recommendation then below are some point you want to read;

  • highlight the teacher’s skills and abilities
  • how he/she has improved your child’s learning experiences
  • write how well he or she handled your child when the need was strong.
  • keep the tone of the letter formal and professional only

This type of letter will be read by someone who’s at higher authority, therefore, make sure to write down a perfect piece of writing. For your reference, we have shared a sample letter and example below.

Letter of Recommendation from Parent for Teacher

[Senders Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]
[Letter Date]

[Recipients Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]
[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

It’s my pleasure to recommend {teacher} for {position} at your school/institute. {He/She} was my child’s {grade/subject} teacher in {year}. During this time, my child has learned a lot under {his/her} guidance. I have met {teacher} numerous time for parents teacher meetings and I have seen {his/her} kindness and compassion for children.

{Teacher} is a well-organized, disciplined, and passionate individual. {He/She} has a very interactive and creative way of teaching. My child has always struggled with {subject/concept}, but {Teacher} made him understand academic concepts with ease. I have seen significant improvement in my child’s academic records over the years.

As a parent, my wife and I were very happy that our child is learning and growing under {teacher} umbrella. I am sure that {teacher} will be an exceptional resource for any institution that she becomes a part of. I highly recommend her for the position. If there is any further information required to support her stance, please feel free to contact me at {phone/email}.


[Senders Name]

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More Information

Schools and educations institutes gives importance to a reference letter written by a parent because a parent is someone who knows how well a teacher has taught his or her child.

Now you have a Teacher Recommendation Letter from Parent sample and example in an editable format. Download this sample letter, open it, make the necessary changes, and your letter is ready. If you need more such useful recommendation letters then browse this site more because we have added hundreds of reference letters on this site.