Recommendation Letter Sample for Scholarship PDF is shared here. A letter of recommendation is a document that comes in handy when applying for a scholarship. As a student, if you are applying for a scholarship then make sure to get a recommendation letter written from your teacher or professor. A well written recommendation letter from a teacher or professor can strengthen your scholarship application. You can request your teacher to write a reference letter for yourself.

On this page, you can see the sample letter of recommendation available for free download in .Doc editable format. Download this sample letter and make changes in it to make your own letter of recommendation for scholarship.

Recommendation Letter Sample for Scholarship PDF

Dear Scholarship Committee,

I am writing to recommend {Name} for the {Name of Scholarship} scholarship. {Name} has been a student in my {Name of Course} course for {Number of Semesters/Years}, therefore I can confidently attest to {his/her} academic abilities and personal qualities.

{Name} has consistently performed great in class and has great academic results. Apart from the good academic records, {Name} possesses exceptional personal qualities that make them an excellent candidate for this scholarship. {He/She} is hardworking, focused, and organized individual with great work ethics.

Furthermore, {Name} is an excellent team player and has demonstrated excellent communication and interpersonal skills. {He/She} worked well with other students on team projects and demonstrates great leadership skills.

Considering the academic abilities, personal qualities, and commitment to work, I strongly recommend {Name} for the {Name of Scholarship} scholarship. {He/She} is an ideal candidate for this scholarship. Without a doubt, {he/she} will continue to prove successful in future academic pursuits.

Thank you for your consideration.


{Your Name}
{Your Position}
{Your Institution}

Download Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship in .DOC Editable Format


When applying for a scholarship, a recommendation letter from a teacher, mentor, or professor can help to provide the Scholarship Committee with an understanding of the applicant’s work ethic, academic records, character, and skills. You can choose to download a sample letter from this page, make changes in it, and print it for your use. Browse this site more to find other useful recommendation letter samples and examples.

While writing such letter, make sure to use the formal tone only. This letter should be written in a formal format. Refrain from using any informal words. Take reference from a sample letter in order to see how such type of letters are written.