Letter of Recommendation Nanny: The job of a nanny is to take care of newborns, toddlers, and young children. Working parents often look for nanny who can take of their kid when they are out for work. As a parent, it is your responsibility to appoint a good nanny who will take care of your child. Nanny’s provide both child care and educational services. Parents or agencies ask for a reference letter before hiring someone for a nanny position.

A recommendation letter is not a formality in this case, it serves a higher purpose. Therefore, if a nanny has asked you to write a recommendation letter for her then make sure to write a honest one only. On this page, we have shared recommendation letter nanny sample and examples. Writing such letters is time consuming and to save the time of our users, here we have shared the sample letters.

Recommendation Letter for Nanny Sample

April 23, 2023

To Whom It May Concern

It’s my great pleasure to recommend {Name} as a nanny. {Name} has worked for me for seven years and took care of my two kids. She is caring, reliable, and affectionate. She has natural affinity towards children which makes her best in the job.

{Name} has started taking caring of my daughter when she was just three months old (now 9). I’m a working woman and I never had to worry about my daughter because I knew {Name} was there to take care of her. {Name} has managed the whole house for me, she took care of my daughter’s studies, her food, housekeeping work, etc. She has always been disciplined and committed to work. I cannot think of a day when she was late to work, she even stayed late whenever I had extra hours at office.

It’s was a blessing to have {Name} as a nanny for my kids. I’m sure she will be great nanny for your children as well. {Name} is a fun, friendly, and caring individual. I am unfortunate to see her go but I understand that she needs to move to a bigger city to pursue her dreams and I highly recommend her for this job.

If you have any more questions or want to hear more about our experiences then please do not hesitate to contact at {email/phone number}.


{Your Name}

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Nanny Recommendation Letter Example

With great pleasure, I would like to recommend __________ as a nanny. She is a friendly and caring individual who is disciplined and committed to the nanny work. She has been taking care of my son when he was six months old.

I employed many nannies before I settled for ________ as I have found her extremely dependable. I must say I am blessed to have had her all these years. _____________ is bright, reliable, and affectionate. She is well-versed in child development because of her natural affinity toward children. _______ took care of my son’s education as well, she made him understand difficult subjects with ease in a fun and creative manner.

It was absolute pleasure and relief to have ________ as a nanny in our home. We used to rely completely on her because ______ is a loyal and reliable person. Because of her presence, our son is growing to be a happy and positive individual. Her approach to caring for our son complements our parenting well.

________ is a great nanny and she will be a great help wherever she go. I wish her all the best for future and highly recommend her for this job. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to hear more about our experiences.

Sincere Regards,

{Your Name}

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Nanny Letter of Recommendation Template

recommendation letter nanny sample

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