A letter of recommendation or recommendation letter is a reference letter is written by someone who know the applicant well such as teacher, coach, employer, supervisor, or someone who can attest the skills, character, and abilities of an applicant and recommend them for a particular job position. On this page we have covered the recommendation letter for hotel job position. If you are someone who is seeking a job in the hotel management field then here is a sample reference letter for your assistance or reference.

A well written recommendation letter can strengthen the job application and pave the way for new opportunities. Recommendation letters are a part of the application process in many companies. As a manger or employer, you will be asked to write a reference letter by an employee. For your convenience, here we have shared a sample reference letter in an editable format.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Hotel

To whom it may concern:

It’s my pleasure to recommend (Applicant Name) for (job position) with your company or organization. He has worked at (company) for (number of years) in guest services department and was directly reporting to me. He has been an excellent employee, always on time, well-groomed, highly professional, and a great communicator with our guests.

During his tenure with us, he has been highly professional and performed all his duties responsibly within a given time frame. It has been great to have such a reliable and hard working employee. There has never been complaints about his work nor his behaviour.

I am confident that (Applicant Name) will do well in a hospitality position at any hotel and I highly recommend him for the job position in your company. I believe he will excel in this job role as well. If you need any more information then feel free to contact me at (phone/email).

I wish him all the best in his future.

Best regards,

(Your Name)

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A recommendation letter is a valuable asset when applying for a job. As a job seeker, you must have one or two reference letter from your teacher, employer, mentor, etc in order to strengthen your job application. Use the sample letter from here to write a proper positive letter of recommendation. As these letters are directed to people at higher authority where decisions are made, therefore, make sure to keep the tone of the letter formal and professional only.