In this article, we have provided sample letter of recommendation for project manager and tips to write an effective recommendation letter. Writing a reference letter is a responsibility specially when an individual is applying for a job or admission. Recommendation letters are taken into consideration and that’s why it’s important to write them properly.

While writing a recommendation letter for project manager, you should focus on highlighting individual’s work ethic, skills, abilities, and your admiration for his or her work.

A project manage is someone who handles the project, the job responsibilities of a project manager are;

  • plan and develop the project idea
  • create a team for the project
  • make a work plan, monitor the progress, and set work deadlines
  • find solution to the problems or issues
  • evaluate project performance
  • deliver or complete the project within a desired time frame

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Project Manager

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to recommend {candidate’s name} for the position of project manager at {name of the company}. I have known {him/her} for over {number of years} and I have had the pleasure of working with him/her at {company’s name}. Throughout this time, I have witnessed his/her professionalism, dedication, and commitment to do great work.

{candidate’s name} has displayed excellent leadership qualities and delivered results in a timely manner. His/her ability to remain calm even during high pressure situations is something that impressed me a lot. He/she knows how to bring the best out of each member and how to communicate or motivate everyone and encourage them to reach their maximum potential.

His/her organisational skills, discipline, and ability to manage resources has played a huge role in achieving project goals and meeting tight deadlines. At {company’s name}, he/she has managed a variety of projects and delivered results consistently without any failure. I’m confident that {candidate’s name} would be a great asset for any company that he/she is a part of.

I would highly recommend {candidate’s name} for this job role of project manager at {company’s name}. I’m sure he/she will excel in this job role as well. If you’d like more information, I’d be happy to expand on my experience working with [candidate’s name]. Please feel free to contact me at [phone number and email address].


{Your Name}

Download Link >>>>> Reference Letter for Project Manager in Editable .DOC Format

Tips for Writing Project Manager Recommendation Letter

Below you can see some of the tips that are helpful while writing a reference letter for a project manager.

  • mention the skills, qualification, outstanding performance of an applicant
  • talk about his/her professional skills
  • mention the qualities that makes an applicant perfect for this job role
  • share your positive experience working with the applicant

Do check out the sample recommendation letter for project manager above and download it an editable format. Writing a reference letter is a bit easier once you have a sample letter with you. Feel free to download and use the sample letter from here to make your own letter of recommendation for project manager.