Sample Recommendation Letter for Student from Professor is shared in an editable format. Changes can be made in this sample letter to make a letter of recommendation for your own use. Writing such type of formal letter does not come naturally to most people, this is why sample letters and examples are available. All you need to do is download an editable sample letter, make the necessary changes in it, and your reference letter is ready. For the convenience of our users we have shared an editable version of the letter as well.

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Sample Letter of Recommendation for Student from Professor

Dear {Recipient’s Name},

I am writing to recommend {Student Name} for {admission/scholarship/internship} at {College/University/Organization/Program}. {Name} has been a student in my {Name of Course} course for {Number of Semesters/Years}, and I have seen {his/her} academic and personal growth over the {months/years}.

{He/She} has always demonstrated great academic abilities and dedication towards studies. {His/Her} academic records are consistently good over the years and {he/she} showed a remarkable ability to apply concepts learned in class to real-world situations.

Apart from the good academic records, {Student Name} is a joyful person who keeps the environment light or happy. {He/She} bonds well with other students, teachers, and staff. {His/Her} work ethics, discipline, and commitment towards work is highly admirable.

Keeping all these characteristics into consideration, I would like to highly recommend {Student Name} for {Purpose of the Recommendation}. I am confident that {he/she} will be a valuable asset to your {College/University/Organization/Program}.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information.


{Your Name}
{Your Title/Position}
{Your Institution}

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Now you have a sample letter to take reference or assistance from. Download a sample letter, make the necessary changes, and use it. Writing such formal letters is a lot easier when there is a sample letter and that’s why here we have shared the sample letter for the convenience of our users.

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