Find out the Recommendation Letter for Foreign Exchange Student on this page and download a sample letter for your use. We have shared an editable sample letter, any changes can be made in a letter template to make your own letter of recommendation. If you are someone who is applying for a foreign exchange program then get a recommendation from your teacher, mentor, or someone who knows you well in order to strengthen your application.

A letter of recommendation is typically written by someone who has a professional or personal relationship with the individual and can attest to their abilities and achievements. Employers, Educational Institutes, Clubs, Foreign Exchange Programs do consider a recommendation letter in order to attest the qualification and character of a person.

Foreign Exchange Recommendation Letter

Dear {Recipient’s Name}

I am writing this letter to recommend {Name} for a foreign exchange program. As {relationship with the person}, I have had the opportunity to get to know {Name} and can confidently attest to their qualifications for participating in such a program.

{Name} always has a deep interest in learning about the language and culture of different countries. {He/She} never leaves an opportunity to engage with others and learn about their cultures. Over the time, I have seen {him/her} getting improved in the language. He/She is fluent in {mention languages} and have taken advanced courses to learn the same.

He/She has excellent academic records, good language skills, and most importantly passion in learning about different languages and cultures. Keeping all this into consideration, I believe {Name} will be a good candidate for a foreign exchange program.

I strongly recommend {Name} for a foreign exchange program and believe that they will excel in this opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.


{Your Name}

Download Foreign Exchange Recommendation Letter in .DOC Editable Format

More Information

As a writer, keep the letter specific and to the point, include examples whenever necessary. Mention details that demonstrate the individual’s strengths and accomplishments. The whole purpose of writing such a letter is to let recipient knows about the qualifications, skills, and abilities of an individual so that a decision could be made in support of their application or request. If you don’t have an experience of writing such letters then please check out the sample letter here and take reference or assistance from it.

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Writing any type of recommendation letter is easier once there is a sample letter to follow. That’s why we have shared the example and sample letter here for the convenience of our users.