The purpose of writing a recommendation letter is to attest the character, abilities, and skills of an individual. On this page, you can find out sample letter of recommendation for police officer. This type of letter is written to give a testimonial on behalf of a candidate for the position of a police officer. This is a formal letter that highlights the character and abilities of a individual and describe how his skills and qualification will provide benefits to a police station where an individual have applied to work.

If you are wondering who write such type of recommendation letters, then please note this type of letters usually written by former police chiefs for prospective police officers whom they have worked with or known through friends or family. These letters are addressed to someone who is in authority to decide whom to hire.

Check out the sample letter below to see the basic format of writing such letters, you can even download an editable version of the sample letter and make your own letter of recommendation.

Recommendation Letter for Police Officer

To Whom it May Concern,

With great pleasure, I would like to recommend {Applicant’s Name} for the position of Police Officer. {Applicant’s Name} is a disciplined and dependable officer whom I have worked for the last {number of years} years. I was his direct supervisor during this time and I have had the opportunity to observe him closely. I found hime to be dedicated and hard working who takes work very seriously and committed to the safety of civilians and fellow officers.

{Applicant’s Name} is calm and composed under high pressure situations, have great problem solving skills, which is an essential quality of a police officer. He possess excellent communication skills and have the ability to handle difficult situations with ease.

{Applicant’s Name} will be an asset to any police department and I highly recommend {Applicant’s Name} for law enforcement position in your department. He is an outstanding police officer who is committed to serving their community with dedication and integrity.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


{Sender’s Name}

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Police Officer Recommendation Letter Sample

If you are someone who is applying for a law enforcement professional then consider having a letter of recommendation from former police officer or someone who is working at a higher authority. Having a recommendation or reference letter may strengthen you application. The purpose of this letter is to give details about the candidate’s character and abilities that might not otherwise be seen on their resume or in an interview.

This type of letter should be written in a formal and professional tone only. Not everyone has enough time to write such a letter from scratch, this is why here we have shared the sample letters with which you can write down a letter in a few minutes only.

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As mentioned above, the purpose of writing such letters is to actually strengthen the application of anyone who wants to work as a police officer. Having a recommendation letter from a former police officer is valuable during the application process and it may help in attracting the attention from a police chief.