Letter of Recommendation for Resident Assistant: A resident assistant (RA) is someone who manage or coordinates the activities in residential halls in colleges/universities and guide fellow students living on campus. Just like any other job, there is a eligibility criteria and process for selecting resident assistant as well. RAs are usually undergraduate students who have already lived in the residential halls for at least one year.

There is a competition for Resident Assistant position and a candidate has to go through the selection and interview process. RAs are provided with a lot of facilities in the campus including free living, meals, stipends, etc. Just like any other job, there is a competition for RAs as well and a candidate is judged on the basis of his academics, skills, character, and leadership qualities.

Letter of Recommendation is required for Resident Assistant position and a letter should address the qualities a candidate possesses that match the requirements of the RA position.

If you are someone who is applying for resident assistant position then make sure to get a reference letter from a instructor or advisor who have know you for a semester or two. A good reference letter from a high-positioned professor can strengthen your application and decision could be made into your favour.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Resident Assistant

Dear {Recipient’s Name},

I am writing this letter to recommend {Student’s Name} for the position of Resident Assistant at {college/institute}. I have been {name} sports teacher for {number of years}, and I can confidently attest to his skills, abilities, character, leadership traits, and
suitability for the role.

{Student’s Name} has always performed great at academics and sports. He has consistently shown strong character, leadership qualities, empathy, and passion to support community. His natural ability to connect and engage with students, peers, and staff is commendable.

What I liked the most about him is the ability to remain calm under high pressure situations and always look for solutions. He has shown exemplary problem-solving abilities and composure in emergency situations. I am confident that he will manage the role of resident assistant very well.

Keeping the {student’s name} character, abilities and leadership qualities into consideration, I wholeheartedly recommend him for the position of Resident Assistant. I believe he will excel in this job role and foster a safe, supportive, and learning experience for fellow students.


{Your Name}

Download Resident Assistant Reference Letter in Word .Doc Format

Tips to Write Effective Resident Assistant Recommendation Letter

The job of RAs is not limited to just looking for underage drinking and hallway misbehaviour, there is a lot more to it. As a resident assistant, you should know how to handle emergency situations, how to communicate confidently and address the issues of students in the residence halls, you may be required to create community involvement programs, take care of administrative tasks, and help students whenever required. A good resident assistant must have traits of integrity, good communicator, and a great leader to guide and mentor students in a correct direction.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow which writing such letter;

  • the letter should be clear and well structured
  • address it to the appropriate committee or individual
  • identify yourself and relationship with the candidate
  • highlight candidate’s abilities and character
  • provide your contact information at the end
  • make sure to check for any spelling or grammatical mistakes


Now you have a sample recommendation letter for resident assistant, writing a reference letter is easier once you have a sample letter with you. Writing a reference letter for a student who is hoping to get selected for resident assistant is a responsibility because a well written letter may increase his chances for selection while a badly written letter may reduce the changes. Take reference from the sample letter here to write your own letter easily.