Recommendation letter is useful when applying for a job, admission, adoption, etc. A letter of recommendation for pet adoption is considered by the adoption agencies because it provides an insights about the potential adopter. If you are looking to adopt a pet then you should consider having a reference letter in order to strengthen your application. A recommendation letter for pet adoption is required for;

  • Verification of Character
  • Evaluation of Compatibility
  • Assurance of Long-Term Care
  • Assessment of Responsibility

As an applicant, consider have a reference letter from Animal Shelter Staff or Volunteers who can vouch for your character and abilities. A well written recommendation letter from a correct person can strengthen your adoption application.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Pet Adoption

(Your Name)
(Your Address)
(City, State, ZIP Code)
(Email Address)
(Phone Number)

(Recipient’s Name)
(Animal Shelter/Organization Name)
(Shelter/Organization Address)
(City, State, ZIP Code)

Dear (Recipient’s Name),

It’s my pleasure to recommend {applicant’s name} for pet adoption. I have known {applicant’s name} for {number of years}, and I can confidently say that {he/she} possesses all the qualities that are required to take care of a pet. {He/She} has a large house and flexible work from home job and {applicant’s name} is ready to welcome the companion animal into home.

{Applicant’s name} has always been an animal lover, he/she has deep love for all kinds of animals. I have often seen him in working as volunteer at animal shelters and organizing charity events for stray dogs. I have personally witnessed [his/her] kindness and empathy towards animals.

I’m confident that {he/she} will be loving and responsible pet owner and that’s why I highly recommend {Applicant’s name} for adoption from your organization. {He/She} will take care of the pet and provide all the love, care, and affection. If you require any additional information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at {email address or phone number}.


(Your Name)
(Your Relationship to the Applicant)

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Who can write a Pet Adoption Recommendation Letter?

A pet adoption recommendation letter is written by someone who can vouch for the potential adopter character, responsibility, and suitability. If you are looking to adopt a pet then consider getting a reference letter from the following people.

  • Animal Shelter Staff or Volunteers
  • Rescue Group Representatives
  • Friends, Colleagues, or Family Members

A person who is writing the reference letter must know the applicant well and have enough knowledge of the applicant’s qualities and abilities. The purpose of writing such letters is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the applicant’s character, responsibility, and ability to provide food, care, affection, and home to a pet.