Letter of Recommendation for Adoption: The adoption agency request for many documents including marriage licenses, financial forms, and reference letters. Adoption is a serious process and an agency needs to make sure that the Prospective adoptive parents are capable enough to take the responsibility of a child. If you are someone who is looking to adopt a child then make sure to have at least two or three reference letters, depending on the laws in your state. Having a reference letter strengthen your adoption application.

A good adoption recommendation letter should talk about the prospective parents’ positive qualities, their character, financial stability, and possible desire to be parents to a child.

Writing a Letter of Recommendation for Adoption

If you are writing an adoption recommendation letter then make sure to include the following information in it.

  • Provide Your Correct Details
  • Display Your Connection to the Couple
  • Mention Qualities That Make the Couple Suitable for Adoption
  • Give Your Opinion

These are some of the details that you can add in a reference letter. Writing an adoption reference letter can be challenging, this is why below we have shared a sample letter that you might want to take a look it.

Adoption Letter of Recommendation Sample

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this recommendation letter on behalf of ______ who is seeking to adopt a child. It gives me immense joy to recommend my dear friends ________ and _________ as adoptive parents. I have known them for {length of time} years as a friend and colleague. I can attest to their good character and loving nature.

They are ready to handle the responsibility of a little child, they have even started preparing for the same. Both _______ and _______ are financially stable, working at good job positions, have a lovely home. Together, they made a happy couple and this adoption would truly complete their family.

I would highly recommend _______ and ________ as adoptive parents because they have the emotional maturity, financial stability, and moral character to provide a safe and happy life to a child. They are an excellent choice for this adoption.

To conclude, if you are considering them for adoption, you should have no worries. They are upstanding citizens both in our community and in our inner circle.

If you need any more information or have any questions then please feel free to reach me out at _______ and ________.


{Sender’s Name}

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Adoption Recommendation Letter Sample

If you have the responsibility of writing an adoption reference letter for your friend or co worker then make sure to follow the correct format in order to write down good letter highlighting the good characteristics of a couple. Writing such letter does not come naturally to most of us and this is why it’s better to have a sample letter for reference or assistance.

Such letters is usually written by some who know the prospective adoptive parents well enough. Some of these people include:

  • Neighbours
  • Church members
  • Pastor or clergy
  • Coworkers who you have known for at least five years.
  • Friends

An adoption reference letter does make an impact, therefore, make sure to write it properly. Read your letter once or twice before actually sending it to the concerned authority.