Letter of Recommendation of Dental Assistant: Dental assistant works under the supervision of dentists and they are required to perform the general office duties, including a variety of patient care, office, and laboratory duties. A dental assistant should be well trained in dentistry techniques. On this page we have shared a sample letter of recommendation for dental assistant. If you are someone who is applying for a position of dental assistant then make sure to have a reference letter in order to strengthen your job application. A well written reference letter that validate a candidate’s qualifications and endorse their ability is highly useful.

In order to make your job application a great one then get a solid recommendation letter. Employers and companies often ask for a reference letter in order to get insights about the candidate’s skills, abilities, qualification, and character. As a job seeker, you must get one or more reference letter from your teacher, mentor, employer, co-worker, etc.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Dental Assistant

To Whom It May Concern,

I’m writing this letter to recommend {Name} for the position of dental assistant at your {company/office name}. {Name} has worked as the assistant at my dental office for {number of years} and throughout this time {he/she} has been an excellent and reliable support. {He/She} has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills, dedication, and a genuine passion for providing quality dental care.

{Name} has been an outstanding assistant, {he/she} has assisted me in many dental procedures. {Name} has been a great help when it comes to providing equipments, handling patients with ease, answering all patients queries or questions. He/She has an exceptional ability to communicate clearly and handling high pressure situations with ease. It was a pleasure to have {him/her} as an assistant and {Name} has done a great job at my office.

{Name} has managed a variety of work at my office including assistance in dental procedures, handling patients safety, manage patient records, schedule appointments, and more.

I believe {Name} will be a valuable asset to your dental office as well. {HIs/her} exceptional skills, dedication to patient care, and professional approach make them an ideal candidate for any dental assistant position. I highly recommend {Name} for this job role and if you need more information, please feel free to reach out to me at {email/phone number}.


{Your Name}

Download Dental Assistant Recommendation Letter in Word .DOC format

Few Tips for Effective Dental Assistant Cover Letter

There is a competition in every job field these days and a dental assistant job is no exception. As a job seeker you should always look for ways to strengthen your job application and a reference letter is one way to do that. The basic job of a dental assistant is to help dentists in the daily processes that they do to help patients with their oral health needs and to take care of the patient’s safety and maintain records.

If you are planning to be a dental assistant or switching a job then here are a few items or information that you may add in your cover letter:

  • mention the experience you have with dental procedures and oral care
  • talk about your academic records in the dental assisting program that you’ve finished,
  • highlight the dental, technical, and communication skills that you have
  • mention any certification that you have as a dental assistant.