Letter of Recommendation for Gun Permit is required in many countries or states along with the application. An applicant must have a well written recommendation letter in order to strengthen the application. Every city has its own fire arm laws when it comes to gun permit, you must follow all the laws and submit your application accordingly. Below you can see a sample letter of recommendation for gun permit. Take reference from the sample letter to make a recommendation letter.

Information to Include in the Letter

Following is the information that can be included in a letter to make it effective:

  • mentioned your name, address, and contact details
  • what’s your relation with the applicant and how long you’ve known him/her
  • A statement concerning the applicant’s reputation for honesty, sobriety and moral standing
  • Your recommendation that the applicant be granted a gun license.

These are the basic details that you can add in a recommendation letter. Apart from that, you can add more details as well depending on the laws in your city or country.

Sample Letter Of Recommendation Gun Permit

My name is ________ and I have known _______ for over ________ years now who is applying for a gun license. He has been part of the Financial department at our company. I have know him both as a colleague and a personal friend.

_______ is a kind and responsible person. I have never seen him breaking any rules or doing anything that is against the company’s policy. He has always been an attentive person who works hard and have good relation with coworkers. He often volunteer for social work at ______ and fulfil his duties with full attention.

He is aware of the risks, moral obligation, and responsibility that comes with carrying or owning a firearm. I believe he is well prepared to own a firearm as he has already bought a safe to prepare for this new responsibility. I can think of no one who is more likely to handle a gun with greater care or maturity.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me for any other information.

Download Recommendation Letter for Gun Permit in .DOC Editable Format


Writing a letter of recommendation properly is essential because it could influence the decision. As a writer, you should only say yes to write such letters if you know the applicant well. This is a formal letter therefore make sure to use the formal tone only. On this page, you can check out the sample letter to take reference from. Download a sample letter from here and write a proper recommendation letter.