Sample Letter for Recommendation for Commercial Truck Driver is shared here. You can download the sample letter and make changes in it to make your own letter. A recommendation letter can help to provide evidence of an individual’s qualifications and suitability for a specific opportunity, whether it be for a job, educational program, etc. If you are someone who is writing this type of letter then make sure to check out the sample letter below and take reference from it to write down your own reference letter.

Recommendation Letter CDL Commercial Truck Driver

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to recommend ________ for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) as a commercial truck driver. As _______ employer at __________, I have seen him working working hard every day.

_________ is a highly skilled and experience driver with a proven track record of safe driving practices. He has worked with us for over ______ years and during this time there was no complaints regarding his behaviour or driving skills. He has extensive experience in transporting goods over long distances.

Apart from the good driving skills, ________ has good communication skills and he get along with team very well. I have always seen him working along with other drivers in order to ensure timely delivery of shipment.

Keeping his good driving skills and professional work ethics into consideration, I strongly recommend _______ for a CDL, and I am confident that they will continue to excel as a commercial truck driver. Thank you for your consideration.



Download Recommendation Letter CDL Commercial Truck Driver

Important Note: There are blank spaces where you can write down your own information in order to make your own recommendation letter.

More Information

Now you have a Sample Letter for Recommendation for Commercial Truck Driver. A well written recommendation letter may enhance the chances of getting selected for a job. If you are applying for Commercial Truck Driver post then get a good recommendation letter in order to strengthen your job application. Companies and businesses often check out the reference letters in order to attest the qualifications and character of an individual.

  • Say yes to writing such letter only when you know the person personally or professionally because only then you will be able to write about his/her qualifications, skills, or character.
  • Always take reference from a sample letter in order to understand the format and way of writing such letters.
  • Keep your letter easy to read and use formal words only. Refrain yourself from using any informal words.

This is a formal letter so make sure to use the formal tone throughout. If you don’t have an experience of writing such letters then it’s advised to download the sample letter and make changes in it to make your own letter of recommendation.