Recommendation letter is one of the most important documents in academic and professional world. The purpose of writing a recommendation letter is to highlight the skills and abilities of an individual, explaining why an individual is a good fit for the job role or admission. Through this page, we’re covering the letter of recommendation for Camp Counselor, check out the sample letter here and download it for your use in an editable format.

If your colleague, team member, students, co worker, etc has requested you for a letter of recommendation then check out the sample letter below and writing tips. Writing a recommendation letter is much easier once you have an editable sample letter or example with you.

Letter of Recommendation for Camp Counselor

It’s my pleasure to recommend {Name} as a camp counselor for the {Camp’s Name} this summer. As {Name}’s teacher, I have seen him grow academically and socially over the years. {Name} has natural ability to connect with others, specially children. {He/She} is kind, patient, and always ready to lend a helping hand whenever required.

{Name} has all of the qualities you could ever want in a counselor. I’ve worked with him/her during the youth camp at {school}. I have seen him constantly engaging with the kids to keep them interested, focused, and comfortable, which is a valuable asset in a camp setting. {Name}’s passion of working with kids and making a good impact in their life is contagious and will undoubtedly inspire those around {him/her}.

I highly recommend {Name} for the position of camp counselor at {Camp Name}. He/She will be a great asset to the camp and I believe {he/she} will do the job perfectly and make a positive impact on the lives of the children. If you need any other information, please feel free to contact me at {phone/email}.


{Your Name}

Download Link >>>>> Camp Counselor Recommendation Letter in .Doc

What to include in a camp counselor recommendation letter

The following information can be included in a recommendation letter for conselor position

  • Start the letter by explaining your relationship with the applicant. Mention how you met the applicant and how long you know him.
  • Highlight the applicant’s skills in working with students and understanding educational requirements.
  • Mention about the details of your interactions with the applicant and how is the behaviour and attitude of an applicant while working.
  • Highlight any working experience of an applicant.
  • At the end of your letter, summarize why the individual is a good match for the position.

More Information

Now you have a counselor letter of recommendation sample in an editable format. Download sample counselor recommendation letter from here to make your own recommendation letter. Writing a letter is much easier once you have a sample letter to take reference from. Keep checking this site for more such useful recommendation letter samples and examples.