A janitor is a person who is employed to look after a building i.e. a caretaker. The job of a janitor is to maintain a clean and healthy facility, it is different from the cleaner. The difference between a janitor and cleaner is that a cleaner is hired to clean a designated area while the job of a janitor also includes maintenance. Janitors often work on full time basis in large or public spaces. Just like any other job position, a reference letter is required while applying for the position of a janitor.

On this page, we have shared a letter of recommendation for Janitor, if you are someone who is applying for a Janitor position then make sure to get a reference letter from your previous employer or manager in order to strengthen you job application.

Letter of Recommendation for Janitor Sample


To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to write this recommendation letter for (applicant’s name) who has applied for the position of Janitor in your (company’s name). I have known him for (number of years), he has worked as a Janitor at (company’s name) for 5 years and was directly reporting to me. Therefore, I can attest to his abilities and capabilities at a work place.

During his tenure with us, he has worked delicately and committed to ensure all the cleaning and maintenance work is happening as per the schedule without any mistakes. (Applicant’s name) has maintained a good relation with everyone working in the company and he worked very efficiently even during the high stress situations.

(applicant’s name) is a quick worker with an eye for detail. He is extremely knowledgable about Janitor job i.e. how to handle waste, how to take care of safety precaution, how to remove potentially hazardous materials, etc.¬†We rarely had any complaints about his work. He even trained newly hired janitors with precision.

I highly recommend (applicant’s name) for this job role. I’m sure he will excel in this job role as well. If any further information is required about him then contact me at (email/phone number).


(Your Name)

(Your Company)

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Sample Janitor Recommendation Letter

Janitor Recommendation Letter

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The job of a Janitor is more than mere a cleaner, the job responsibilities of a Janitor may include the following;

  • clean the designated building area
  • document all the routine cleaning and maintenance activities
  • take care of all the repair and notify the management regarding the same
  • coordinate with the staff members to follow all the health and safety process
  • stock and maintain supply rooms

So these are some of the responsibilities of a Janitor. As you can see this is a job where a responsible and dedicated individual is required. As a reference letter writer, you should focus on highlighting how dedicated or responsible an applicant is by giving the relevant examples from your experiences.

Writing such letters does not come naturally to most of us and we don’t have enough time to write a letter from scratch, that’s why sample letter and examples are shared here. Use an editable Janitor recommendation letter to make your own reference letter in minutes without any errors or mistakes.