Did your student or friend or family member approached you to write a Recommendation Letter for Music Student? If yes then here we got your covered, check out the editable sample letter below, download it, make the necessary changes to make your own letter. Writing a letter is a time consuming process and not everyone has time to do it from scratch, this is why we have sample letter and templates here.

Writing a recommendation letter has never been so easy. All you need to do is download an editable letter template, add few details and your letter is ready.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Music Student

Dear {Recipient’s Name},

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend {Student’s Name} for admission to your {music program/ university}. My name is {Your Name} and I’m a teacher in {school/program name}, I have been {Student’s Name} music teacher for the past {number of years}. I have seen him grow as a student and a young musician. I have witnessed {his/her} talent and dedication to the craft of music.

{He/She} has a great sense in music and ability to connect with an audience through {his/her} performance. {Student’s Name} has a methodical approach to musical performance and good at improvisation too. {His/her} music is full of passion and soulful, has the ability to transport listeners to a whole new world.

I have seen {him/her} consistency working on to improve {his/her} skills, always ready to take up new musical challenges, and striving for perfect in all aspects of musical development. Apart from the great musical skills, {he/she} is consistently performing good in academics and sports as well.

I believe that {Student’s Name} will be a great addition to your music program. {He/she} possess skills, abilities, and dedication to consistently do great in music. {He/she} will undoubtedly contribute greatly to the program through {his/her} performances and collaborations.

I highly recommend {Student’s Name} for admission to your program. If you have any further questions or any more information is needed, please feel free to contact me at {email/phone number}.


{Your Name}

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Letter of Recommendation for Music Student

recommendation letter for music student

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Music Student

Writing any type of reference letter is like a job of responsibility because a person is dependent on you to write a good reference letter. You should say Yes to writing such letters when you know a person well and confident about his/her skills or qualification. On this page, we have shared a sample letter of recommendation for music student.

A reference letter is often required for admissions and jobs. Musical programs or universities are no exception, they do consider a reference letter. As an applicant, you should definitely have one or more reference letter in order to strengthen your admission profile.

Download any of the sample letter or template from here to make your own reference letter. It’s always better to take reference or assistance from templates in order to write down a letter of recommendation easily without any errors or mistakes.