A babysitter is a person who looks after a child or children while the parents are out. It’s a job of responsibility and dependability. Parents go through the profile of an applicant before hiring a babysitter because they need to be sure that a person is responsible and reliable enough. On this page, we’re covering the recommendation letter sample for babysitter. If your previous babysitter has asked you to write a reference letter then you must check out the sample letters better and use them as a reference for your writing.

Writing such letters is not something you do everyday. Therefore, it makes sense to download an editable letter online and make changes in it to make your own letter. Check out the sample letter below to get an idea of how these letters can be written depending on your situation.

Letter of Recommendation for Babysitter

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to recommend {Name} as a babysitter. {Name} has been a wonderful babysitter for my children (ages 3, 6) and She has provided the exceptional care and I was an absolute joy to have here.

{Name} has a natural affinity towards kids which makes her good at the job. She is disciplined, always on time, fun, and cheerful personality. She keeps the home environment very light and happy. My kids were very fond of her and look forward to spending time with her. She is punctual, dependable, reliable, and I have never had any issues with her working style.

In summary, I would highly recommend {Name} for any babysitting position. By hiring {Name}, you can be assured that She is going to take full care of your kids. I believe {Name} will be a great babysitter for your kids. If you have any questions to ask, then please do not hesitate to contact me at {Phone/Email}.


{Your Name}

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Babysitter Recommendation Letter Sample

babysitter recommendation letter sample

Babysitter Letter of Recommendation Template

Babysitter Letter of Recommendation Template

Recommendation Letter for Babysitter Example

The purpose of writing a reference letter is to help an individual get a job by highlighting the positive qualities, skills, and abilities. This type of reference letter can only be written by a person who knows the babysitter well enough. As a writer, you should be honest about writing, say yes to write a letter only if you have a good experience with the babysitter. Do not write good stuff for the sake of writing it because this letter may influence the reader in selection process. If you didn’t have a good working experience with the babysitter then simply say NO to writing any reference letter.

For the convenience of our users, here we have recommendation letter babysitter sample and example templates to choose from. You can download an editable recommendation letter for a babysitter sample from here and make changes to make your own letter in minutes without any errors or mistakes. Keep checking this site for more useful reference letters, we already have hundreds of sample recommendation letters and templates available on this site for free download.